Home-made cork board made with collected wine corks

Look at the wine holder! Home-made cork board made with collected corks and old frame and used some nice big wine glasses to have corks spilling out of them, love it! It's art and a functional cork board at the same time :)

Wine Cork Bath Mat

50 Clever Wine Cork Crafts You'll Fall in Love With - DIY Joy Easy Wine Cork Craft Ideas for the Home - DIY Wine Cork Bathmat - DIY Projects & Crafts by DIY JOY If you have a passion for arts and crafts you'll will appreciate this info!

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Wine Facts - wine glass, wine bottle, wine case, wine barrel and vineyard.


A smooth glass of red wine and a sunset. It doesn't get any more romantic than this!

Vin + Femme = difficultés croisées pour bien éclairer les 2 : 1 seule source ici (boita à lumière à droite), simple & efficace ! #artnude #studio #redwine

Wine has been related to sensuality even in ancient times. Every clichéd romantic scenario involves Wine in some way. As Pierre-Emmanuel Taittinger said, “we will always have time to make love and drink Champagne”.


From Riedel Wine and Glass Company in Great Britain, this decanter sells for 175 Pounds. Not sure what that translates into for US dollars. This is called the Black Tie Bliss decanter. Sure is lovely!

Metro Wine map if France, a nice infography on french wine

Metro Wine Map of France

LES VINS DE FRANCE de David Gissen Voir le site de l’auteur. The coolest way to understand the wine regions of France. This is almost an infographic rather than an illustrated map, but never mind.