What a precious mixed kitty. She is a Chimera like another lady kitty she very much resembles. Our beloved Venus whom most of us have seen.

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Perhaps now this kitten’s owner will put a pet bed near the window, cat’s love to look out of them just like dog’s and they love the sunshine on them when indoors too.

Trop mimi ❤️

Trop mimi ❤️ cats are the best pets to give pose for camera

Chaton mignon

Calico, not tortie. Tortie is two colors, calico is three. There are three distinct colors here.

Pretty Ginger Maine coon

Name: Briarberry//gender: female//age: 18 moons//rank: warrior//personality: kind, inquisitive, clumsy, curious, mature

Cat's Yoga Style #findyouryoga

I will not look at kitten pictures! I will not look at kitten pictures. I will spend my life looking at kitten pictures if I look at even one. This lil guy reminds me of my Benny!