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kitten ~ unusual markings, no way.

Muito fofo

First thing to pin, image of a cute kitten :)

Perhaps now this kitten’s owner will put a pet bed near the window, cat’s love to look out of them just like dog’s and they love the sunshine on them when indoors too.

Trop mimi ❤️

Trop mimi ❤️ cats are the best pets to give pose for camera

Hehe she will never find me here Tap the link Now -  Luxury Cat Gear - Treat Yourself and Your CAT!  Stand Out in a Crowded World!

11 Kittens Who Think They Can Fit Anywhere - Petcha

mon nouveau chat Liddy sur son tapis de jeu et c'est une fille

Sleepy little kitty with pink toe beans

in the garden posted via

Sweet little gray kitten

Smoothie un chat photogénique à souhait -

Smoothie un chat photogénique à souhait

A beautiful cat named Smoothie.


Adorable white kitten waiting for mommy image - so cute!

Pretty Ginger Maine coon

Name: Briarberry//gender: female//age: 18 moons//rank: warrior//personality: kind, inquisitive, clumsy, curious, mature

Cat's Yoga Style #findyouryoga

I will not look at kitten pictures! I will not look at kitten pictures. I will spend my life looking at kitten pictures if I look at even one. This lil guy reminds me of my Benny!