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there are panda bears made out of rice on the plate
two pieces of toast with fruit on top and chocolate spread, topped with bananas and raspberries
20 Idées De Présentation Originales Des Repas Enfant
three giraffes made out of cookies with chocolate eyes and noses on them
Elle transforme les fruits et légumes en personnages plein d’humour pour le bonheur des enfants
four hotdogs with eyes and noses made to look like dogs on buns
Lectures et élucubrations de Liliba
there are many pictures of hot dogs and buns in the same basket, but one is made out of bread
Marie Claire
Attention aux chiens chauds ! - Marie Claire Idées
small pizzas with blueberries and cheese are on a wooden cutting board next to a basket
Pizza ours - Quel pique-nique pour les enfants ? - Elle à Table
Pizza ours