Incredible Double-Exposure Animal Portraits

Incredible Double-Exposure Animal Portraits

La vérité, Boris Cyrulnik

La vérité, Boris Cyrulnik [The truth To find happiness, you have to risk misfortune. If you want to be happy, we must not seek to flee misfortune at all costs. We should rather investigate how - and thanks to that - we can overcome it.

i colori sono arte suprema

Maya Hanisch

Colorful illustrations that lift you up. So many beautiful colors and details in the work of Maya Hanisch.

Gemma Capdevila

Gemma Capdevila: this is a cool concept. We are just pockets of life floating around in a greater retrospect of nothingness.

Géométrique -Oiseaux - Illustration

These look like the perfect complementing art for a midcentury modern interior -Geometric birds (Procreate-iPad Pro) by Samy Halim

Les Vendredis Tutos avec Pinterest #1 | Marcus Le FicusMarcus Le Ficus

Elise Gravel illustration - Sketchbook - love the simplicity, the cartoon quality, and the color palette.