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Love this bookshelf idea with a real tree trunk. ~The Perfect Office - Movi Streaming Cam, Tree Bookself and Office Ideas!

How to properly stack salad in a jar. DID THIS FOR LUNCH . HUGE SALAD > KEPT EVERYTHING FRESH

Salad in a jar - healthy and easy lunches! -- this works. But it's messy to get it out into a plate because everything is so tight packed. Easier just to pack a salad in a tupperware bowl and include a little jar of dressing.

Salad In A Jar Recipe - Budget Astucieux,  ainsi vous pouvez préparer à l'avance plusieurs repas qui se conserveront plusieurs jours bien au frais.  Pour ma part, je préfère mettre la sauce à part, elle ne cuira pas les ingrédients.

Salad in a jar