Summer in Paris

Discover the City of Love under the sun, walk around the ancient and beautiful streets. Take advantage of all the fun and activities, and just relax at a…
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an old building with red doors and ornate carvings on the front, along with a tree
paris sculture
Door in Paris, France
people are sitting and standing near a fountain
Paris Plages July 20 - September 4, 2017 across Paris
Enjoy the French capital’s best urban beaches, summer sports and party lawns across Paris, July 20-August 2016. Find more information on the 14th edition of inner-city beach initiative ‘Paris Plages’ here.
a large sand castle sitting on top of a sandy beach
Le Château de sable de la Belle au bois dormant à Paris Plage
a red ribbon with the words que faire a paris?
Que faire à Paris Eté 2014 ◆ Passez l'été à Paris
the eiffel tower is lit up with fireworks
Fireworks salute Bastille Day’s traditional military parade
Bastille Day annual fireworks, Paris July 14.
people are standing on the sidewalk next to the water with blue umbrellas over them
Paris Beach, or Paris Plage.
a person holding an ice cream cone in front of a building with people walking by
100 coisas para fazer em Paris
Berthillon - it's completely necessary.
people are walking around in the park with pineapples, bananas and other things
A Parisian Picnic | 'Un dimanche à Paris :: Pelouse en Fête @ Parc Monceau' |
many people are on the beach with blue umbrellas
Paris Plage: The Sequel
Paris - Plage, along the Seine
the eiffel tower is lit up with fireworks
Ma France en Photo : Actualités, photos & vidéos
Feu d'artifice 14 juillet 2014
the words paris are in front of an image of a building with a dome on top
Paris in the summer
people sitting and standing around in front of the eiffel tower on a sunny day
The most amazing things to do in Paris
Paris attractions: what to see and do in summer
people are sitting and walking on the sidewalk by the water with blue umbrellas in front of them
Summer in Paris: The Ultimate Guide to What to See & How to Pack
How to Make the Most of Your July Visit to Paris
an image of various ice creams and drinks
50 things to do in Paris this summer | Time Out Paris
Things to do in Paris in summer – Time Out Paris
many people are walking around in a large room with glass walls and pyramid shaped ceiling
14 juillet : les musées et monuments ouverts pour la Fête Nationale à Paris et en Île-de-France
Les Musées et Monuments ouverts, voire gratuits, le 14 Juillet 2014 à Paris