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an avocado is being cut in half with a knife next to the painting
People Are Recreating Paintings In This Dutch Instagram Account And Here Are 30 Of The Best Ones
two pictures with hands touching each other and one has a bottle of water in front of it
#TussenKunstEnQuarantaine : le challenge qui mêle confinement et art ⋆ Coin bébé
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Arte em tempo de quarentena
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Градусник и макароны
two paintings of people dressed as pokemons with scissors in their hands and one has his face painted like a pikachu
a woman wearing a jean jacket with a black fur hat on top of her head
two women with headscarves and flowers in their hair
The Museum Of Fine Arts Is Challenging Montrealers To Recreate Its Artworks From Home
two pictures of the same woman in blue dresses, one wearing a tiara and the other wears a white veil