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three tall metal sculptures sitting on top of a patch of dirt next to a building
Beginner Garden Design PlantPlots
Stuff that's a little different - PlantPlots
a sculpture of a bird with red and black feathers on it's head is shown
Chris Kircher
Chris Kircher welded this unique upcycled yard art bird. It is made of old iron from the scrap yard. This metal bird is quite small and welded and plasma cut and made for inside and outside for decorating home and garden. Go to her online shop to see more of her scrap metal birds, fishes and other animals as well as more abstract contemporary sculpture made of scrap metal. Especially the animals are cute, lively and funny.
a pink bed sitting on top of a wooden platform
Coup de cœur : « le refuge » par Marc Ange - Floriane Lemarié
Design mobilier
people are walking around an art installation in a building
Le tourbillon d’Anish Kapoor au théâtre en Italie
Descension, le tourbillon sans fin d’eau noire créé par Anish Kapoor et déjà vu plus tôt dans l’année en Inde a aussi été installé ce mois-ci dans le sol en bois d’un ancien théâtre italien à San Gimignano qui a été transformé en galerie.
a large mirror reflecting the sky over a lake
Le bleu dans l’art, l’histoire, la culture Part.2
Sky miror - Kensington - London
three women are standing in front of a white wall
Sculpteur : Actualités
Image article
a light bulb with a statue hanging from it's side next to a lamp
Alex Pinna
"pendant light" #lighting #interior_accents #small_spaces_decor
a person riding a bike in the middle of an open field with many wind mills
36 Surreal Instagram Images From Burning Man
36 Surreal Instagram Images From Burning Man
a metal sculpture in the shape of a flower with blue and green leaves on it
Troy Pillow Sculpture, Seattle WA | Portfolio of metal, stainless steel, bronze, kinetic, glass sculpture
Simply elegant, modern, natural, organic, bronze, contemporary design, Kinetic sculpture by Troy Pillow
a blue mobile hanging from the ceiling
Microsoft Outlook (formerly Hotmail): Free email and calendar | Microsoft 365
a large white sculpture sitting in front of a building
Carlo Nicoli - Ateliers de Sculpture, Carrare - Oeuvres originales - Antoine Poncet
Carlo Nicoli - Ateliers de Sculpture, Carrare - Oeuvres originales - Antoine Poncet
an abstract sculpture is displayed on a white surface in front of a gray wall and floor
Architectural sculpture in bronze: The Trinity
The Trinity
a black vase sitting on top of a white table
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