Water sculptures by Pierre Luu

Water sculptures, sculptures d'eau, brumisateurs artistiques
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an origami sculpture with water coming out of it
Fontaine poisson origami
Origami fish fountain
there are many fountains in the park
Créations artistiques de Pierre Luu - l'art en mouvement
Fountain in a park created by Pierre Luu
three different images of blue and purple items with stars on top, one in the shape of a fish
Jeux d'eau et fontaines pour les enfants. Mise en scène artistique de l'eau
Water sculpture for kids by Pierre Luu #watersculpture #waterfeature #watergame #landscapedesign #landscapearchitecture #fontaineludique #waterart #waterdesign
an artistic sculpture is shown in the middle of a room with many lights on it
Ceramic and raku water mobile by Pierre Luu Mobile hydraulique
a large metal ball sitting in the middle of a park next to a lush green forest
Créations artistiques de Pierre Luu - l'art en mouvement
Brumisateur artistique Mist and art, sculpture by pierre luu #watergame #brumisation
two children playing in the water on pink boards
Fontaines artistiques et sculptures d'eau de Pierre Luu
Marelle d'eau Festival International des jardins de Chaumont sur loire. Water game by Pierre Luu. Water sculpture #chaumontsurloire #chaumontsurloirefestivaldesjardins
several people are standing around in the grass
Machines hydrauliques -hydraulic machine, water sculpture
water contraption inspirerd from chadouf Sculpture by pierre Luu #chadouf
a black and white sculpture is hanging on the wall in front of a white backdrop
Art & Eau Création - Réalisations - Le principe dialogique, sculpture d'eau
Le principe dialogique Water sculpture by Pierre Luu
a water fountain in the middle of a circular area with several fountains on each side
Parc des Salles, Istres - Art et Eau
Fontain, parc urbain des salles à Istre, France Fountain by Pierre Luu
a young boy standing next to a water spigot on top of a lush green field
Art & Eau Création - Réalisations - Le jardin des Norias
Artistic Water wheel by Pierre Luu Roue hydraulique pour élever l'eau
a young boy is playing in the water sprinkler on a park bench
Artistic Treadle pump made with recycled metal by Pierre Luu
some rocks and water near a building
THE ROCK SPRINGS by Pierre Luu. Landscape fountain
water gushing down the side of a tall metal structure with pots on it's sides
Art & Eau Création - Réalisations - La pression monte, sculpture d'eau
Brumisateur ludique Misting sculpture by Pierre Luu. brumisateur design
water spewing out from a hose in a garden
Art & Eau Création - Réalisations - Hotel de Région, Marseille
Fountain using watering cans by Pierre Luu. Fontaines et arrosoirs, exposition hôtel de la Région PACA #wateringpots
a large metal sculpture sitting on top of a pile of rocks
Art & Eau Création - Réalisations - Installation Jardin des Traces - La Terre, Uckange
Weathering steel fountain (COR-TEN steel) by Pierre Luu #corten