Nicolas Poussin - Santa Francesca Romana [c.1657] I think it's cool how the…

Nicolas Poussin - Santa Francesca Romana I think it's cool how the woman appears to be floating and the smoke/cloud is a really interesting and unique effect.

Doisneau. Les Halles, Paris.

What Les Halles used to be. Herb sellers at Les Halles, Paris - circa 1950

Nicholas Poussin / Abduction of the Sabine Women /

Nicholas Poussin, Abduction of the Sabine Women.Baroque in France.

nicolas poussin

Passover begins this Friday night -- many years before Moses freed the Jews from slavery in Egypt, he was found by the pharoah's daughter, floating in a basket in the river.

Nicolas Poussin, Les Bergers d'Arcadie, 1627, Chatsworth

POUSSIN, Nicolas Et in Arcadia Ego I Oil on canvas, 101 x 82 cm Devonshire Collection, Chatsworth

Nicolas Poussin - Parnassus (1630-1631), Museo Nacional del Prado, Madrid

Apollo and the Muses Artist: Nicolas Poussin Style: Classicism Genre: mythological painting Technique: oil Material: canvas Dimensions: 125 x 197 cm Gallery: Museo del Prado, Madrid, Spain

Nicolas Poussin - Landscape with Ruins (c.1634), Museo Nacional del Prado…

Nicolas Poussin (French, Landscape with Antique Tomb and Two Figures, Museo del Prado, Madrid

Nicholas Poussin - Rinaldo and Armida

Nicolas Poussin - Rinaldo and Armida, c. Oil on canvas, 80 x 107 cm, Dulwich Picture Gallery, London


Maria Mancini as Cleopatra - by Voet, Jacob Ferdinand. Maria Mancini was niece of Mazarin and first love of Louis XIV of France

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POUSSIN, The Martyrdom of St Erasmus 1628 Oil on canvas, 320 x 186 cm Pinacoteca, Vatican

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Descent from the Cross (The Deposition) - Nicolas Poussin. 119 x 98 cm. The State Hermitage Museum, St.