Idéias de armazenamento de espaço e boa utilização de espaço.

I never thought of this. GREAT place to put a utility closet. Cleaning storage in laundry room. Love this utility closet for the vacuum and other cleaning supplies for the mudroom.

Armoire à chaussures

Comment démonter une palette + 10 façons de la transformer

Giant Shoe Rack Made Out Of Discarded Pallets Entrance Pallet Projects Pallet Shelves. Instead of shoe box.

Paniers a linge integres

10 astuces de rangement pour la salle de bains et la salle de lavage

Tiny Bathroom: Use small storage solutions to make it easier to find your stuff. When you only have one cabinet, you have to maximize that tiny space. These StickOnPods hold tiny things like nail polish. Lazy susans let you reach the stuff in the back of your cabinet as easily as you can reach the stuff in the front.

15 Life Hacks For Your Tiny Bathroom