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Portable Battery Charger by Imabass -- This little engine has provided many uses around the house and farm.  It is simply a 6.5HP HF side shaft engine that is hooked up via belt and pulley to a GM alternator. This has many uses and is currently the power supply on my . This is used to charge batteries on tractors and equipment that is not conveniently near a 110V power for a typical battery charger.   This has also been used very successful to power a electrolysis setup for rust removal....

Portable Battery Charger - Homemade portable battery charger constructed from a hp gasoline motor, pulleys, and an alternator.

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Garden tractor, upgrades, loaders, and backhoes CAD Plans by P. Engineering, and sample pictures and videos of those.

Bench Mounted Ring Roller - Flat Bar/ Tube/ Pipe/ Profile Bender -Quick delivery | eBay:

Set for round bar & tube rolling (image Flat bar - max. 40 x 8 mm & 30 x 10 mm (on flat). set for flat bar rolling (image Flat bar - 0 mm (on upright position). set for upright possition flat bar rolling (image