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Studio Sea / Peinture Numérique

GFSmith Print Test / Sea

10000 digital paintings printed on HP Indigo 7500 at Pureprint. Commissionned by Sea Design for GF Smith. Motion & design by Field. Paper by GF Smith.


Showcase of Creative Designs Made with Vibrant Gradients


Art direction, design and generative coding by SEA Design for GFSmith/Digital paper promotion. "Generative processes combined code with pre

'Inspired by Delaunay' Desafinado - Ophelia Pang - Artist Statement "I'd rather speak in colors and shapes"

Watercolour Designer Artistic Business Card

Valentine Craft Pom Pom Monsters Tutorial

Watercolour Designer Artistic Business Card by ShermanJackson Are you a Graphic Designer, Graphic Artist or have a passion for painting? This business card is a must have, its all about who yo

デザイン制作で苦手なひとも多い配色の組み合わせ。今回はCreative Marketの人気デザイナーに聞いた、配色を選ぶときのテクニックやポイントを10個まとめてご紹介します。


裏面の全面にカラー、表は白。 立体化させる前の切り込みの線もまた美しい。ショールームや展示やイベントの際に数色作成して並べておくとぐっと目を引きますね。