I could cry I love him so much < my sweetheart ..so sweet and reassuring.. admitting that when he's not feeling his best he goes through the gifts he's been given by fans throughout the years he makes my heart swell

there isn't a better person around that I know of than seba. wise, caring, thoughtful and sweet. I'm nit crying, I promise.

Sebastian Stan Wizard Con 2016

Sebastian Stan writing I'm with you till the end of the line in Romanian for a fan's tattoo

Sebastian Stan + The Winter Soldier interviews: a summary.

Sebastian Stan + The Winter Soldier interviews: a summary. /// I swear he really is the Winter Soldier.

Seb at this year's WW Philly KILLED ME.

What a pumpkin pie I just want to rugby tackle him to the ground and hug him

You're not gonna win us over that easy, Robert. Team Cap all the way!

I just like how RDJ comes up and smacks one on his cheek and Seb doesn't care, he just keeps talking. I mean, is this like a normal occurrence for RDJ to come up and kiss people on the cheek?

If I meet you Seb, I'll help you with that crappy British accent

I am stuck in your mother country goddammit! Marry me now! I've done my waiting!

Couldn't care less about the making of Iron Man.  However, I am interested in a shirtless RDJ!

The making of iron man

How Tony Stark's Arc reactor was created for the Iron man and Avengers movies -- cameo by Robert Downey Jr.

Why did you do this to your poor brother? Christopher, explain.

17 Times Chris Evans Needed To Explain Himself