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make an emotional statement then create a mandala around it drawing and using stamps. From Cynthia Emerlye  's blog

Cynthia Emerlye, Vermont artist and kirigami papercutter: Making Personal Mandalas in Art Therapy Group

100 Art Therapy Exercises, mostly basics, but still nice to have a list to refer to! J

100 art therapy exercises - some artistic ideas that reduce stress and can help you express your self in a creative manner.


When we view a work of art, we add our own brush strokes of memory — finishing a creative process that, until then, is incomplete.

Inside Mask / Outside Mask - There are thousands of masks we wear, sometimes all within one day. This directive is designed to help clients begin to become aware of these masks so that they can choose what masks to wear. They will also become more aware of what is really going on behind the masks in order to learn how to deal with them in healthy ways.

Identifying the feelings underneath the mask you show the world is important in gaining awareness of your emotions. At Mercy Home, our kids work hard to find healthy ways to deal with their emotions.

This is an educational poster designed to show "Guided Imagery" used as a tool in Art Therapy ©2011 8 Posted on Apr 21, 2011	Full Size| Slid...

Art Therapy Guided Imagery in Art Therapy. Good demonstration of the difference between Art Therapists doing Art Therapy and Recreation Therapists who do Therapeutic Art.

The Science Behind Art Therapy and Alzheimer’s:  Why Art Therapy is Good for the Brain

Why Art Therapy is Good for the Alzheimer's Brain

Art therapy stimulates the brain, providing powerful benefits to Alzheimer's patients. Do studies support it?

Demencia: autorretrato de William Utermohlen ("Dementia: self-portrait of William Utermohlen"). William Utermohlen. 2000. Localización: Colección particular. https://painthealth.wordpress.com/2016/04/19/demencia-autorretrato-de-william-utermohlen/

Demencia: autorretrato de William Utermohlen

"Erased Self-Portrait" - 1999 Self-Portraits from William Utermohlen as his Alzheimer's disease progressed