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#camerondiaz #quotes #tequila #vodka #saturday #cupofrahman

#camerondiaz #quotes #tequila #vodka #saturday #cupofrahman

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"Dolls" is a photography project using the characters from Barbie as serial killer. Photos made by photographer Mariel Clayton.

About time!

Finally a realistic barbie doll. Haha nutella and realistic clothes and hair. Ok so I put this under life of a teen because we teens sit at home, eating nutella, in drab clothes with our hair just down and plain

by Mariel Clayton; her reasoning: "Because I hate Barbie. I intensely dislike the stereotype that the 'ideal' female fits no current authentic female form. You can’t get to be Barbie without an ocean’s worth of peroxide, 27 plastic surgeries and a complete lack of intelligence, so it irritates me immensely that this is the toy of choice women give to their daughters to emulate. Behind the vacuous perpetual lipsticked-smile lurks the black heart of the true sociopath, just like in real life."

Clearly Barbie has reached her limit with Ken. Can I just take a moment to point out the dismembered hand in the refrigerator door and the one on the floor that do not belong to Ken? Clearly Barbie has another body stashed somewhere in her dream house.

Bad Barbie    I only pinned this cuz of the cute kitty and iPad of course

With this new ipad, I can be fresh, confident and connected all day long! by Mariel Clayton

Can't wait for the honeymoon Barbie

One artist's reaction against the circa nice girl morals of the regular Barbie image// Barbie Gone Bad Gallery by Mariel Clayton

barbie tattoo i want this doll i think it soppose to be Cat VonD LOVEEEEEEEE it

barbie tattoo i would like this doll i feel it soppose to be Cat VonD LOVEEEEEEEE it. See more by checking out the photo link

Rock is the why of life=-O :-P ;-) :-( :-) :-! :-$ B-) :O :-* :-D :'( :-\ O:-) :-[

Night Out Mattel collab with fashion duo, The Blondes, to create this OOAK Barbie.