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Interior of Chapel - Versailles, Paris | Picture Store

Upper Gallery of the Royal Chapel - Versailles, Paris - site of the wedding of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette

The Royal Chapel, Versailles

The Royal Chapel, Versailles built in 1682 White plays a strong part in creating a grand room, pulling the viewers gaze up the pillars to the beautifully detailed main piece, - the roof.

The Chapel at the Palace of Versailles

Interior of Chapel at Versailles, constructed by the same team of architects that designed & built Vaux-le-Vicomte.

Versailles (France)  #pinadream

'No wonder revolutionaries massacred the Château de Versailles palace guard and dragged King Louis XVI and his queen Marie Antoinette back to Paris. This monumental, palace and sprawling estate –

The Versailles palace in Paris, France

PARIS, FRANCE - MAY Hall of mirrors full of tourists in the Palace of Versailles on May France. The Versailles palace is in the UNESCO World Heritage Site list since

Versailles - Royal Chapel Ceiling (2nd floor view)

Versailles - Royal Chapel Ceiling floor view) A view of the Royal Chapel in the Palace of Versailles. Taken from the second-floor doorway. This is an angle toward the lavishly painted ceiling.

If you get to Paris, take a train to Versailles Palace. You will be swept away by it's beauty and the grounds.

Versailles, Paris If you get to Paris, I;d recommend taking a train out to Versailles Palace. It's absolutely wonderful. The tours can get pretty crowded during the summer, but it's worth it. The grounds are also quite something to see.

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