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Adoptes by Mera Whiterose :: This is Darcy and Maddie, ages 3 and They have snow powers. Darcy is very energetic and playful and Maddie is very shy and loves to have fun.

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He is coming.He is coming.Put your arm on the table.Well done Anna.Now he is standing in front of me!

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gif anna and elsa sisters after all! But remember when elsa and anna we're little, and elsa hit her with her powers? And then anna feel, and elsa couldn't catch her, well anna was about to fall but elsa catched her just in time.

GAH.  It makes me cold just looking at this :(

Anna in the scene where her and Olaf are escaping the fast-freezing castle during the storm near the end of the movie.

Let's take a moment to appreciate Anna's beauty.

Um, for now, how about boots? Winter boots, and dresses?

Oh, I don't like this at all...

I literally watched this like an hour ago

"No, I know we can work this out together."

Frozen~Anna Got photobomb by Kristoff

Where there is kindness there is goodness

Awwwww little Elsa

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Elsa is totally acting! - Sha got the reel fear of Anna! The gerund, why she made Elsa for anything responsible! - Her true love saves Anna!( Anna does not know it )!

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Anna save her sister life and she turn to ice. Because her sister froze her heart but Elsa can stop the winter to find the love!

Anna Princess - frozen-princess-elsa-and-anna Fan Art

Wallpaper and background photos of Anna Princess for fans of Frozen-Princess Elsa and Anna images.

Resultado de imagen para ジェルサ

Resultado de imagen para ジェルサ

A Sister More Like Me Elsa and Anna Parallels aw

A Sister More Like Me Elsa and Anna Parallels, Frozen

dumbest part of the movie really

dumbest part of the movie really