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Mark One co-founder Justin Lee and Yves Behar, along with the fuseproject team, introduced Vessyl, a smart cap that automatically knows what’s inside and intelligently tracks drinking in real-time, empowering consumers to make healthier choices.

If nothing else, the Touch ID sensor on the newer iPhones is getting people used to the idea of using their fingerprints to unlock things. The trend carries over to…

iFingerLock Fingerprint Biometric Padlock – don’t worry about losing your keys because your fingers are the keys

This is what happens when an industrial designer/ex-Apple employee and a 3D printing guru get together to make artificial limbs.

This is what happens when an industrial designer/ex-Apple employee and a 3D printing guru get together to make artificial limbs.

30 Cool Products That Will Make You Say, “Shut Up and Take My Money!” | inspirationfeed.com

Electric Portable Mini Iron

The Travel Smart Mini Travel Iron features an extra-compact design that is convenient for travel. This worldwide dual voltage travel iron features an average

This solar tree is such a great idea for when you're out an about. If you're looking to make savings at home thouhg, we can help with Solar Panels, Solar Heating, Solar Hot Water, Solar Lights, Solar Inverters and many more renewable energy services

Beach-Approved Electrical Outlets - The Solar Tree is a saving grace for all the spring-break-lovin’, UV-ray-catchin’, fun-in-the-sun-havin’ beach bums out in the wo.

Battery powered desk top air conditioner

Battery powered Desktop Air conditioner- oh yes for those hot days in school

Touching music...

♂ Product design - An innovative way to feel music. Designer Jackson McConnell created a waveform speaker for hearing-impaired people to enjoy music.<<not only is this cool for deaf people but it'd make a really cool speaker!


After seeing this, my summer was a waste of time…

“Muwi” sizes the yard and automatically cuts the grass. The cut grass is stored inside. As the cut grass begins to accumulate inside the machine, “Muwi” constructs and compresses the cut grass into two types of blocks... discs or balls... play time!

Muwi Innovative Lawn Mower 2 designed in South Korea. Muwi icalculates the size of the lawn and automatically cuts the grass. As the grass cuttings accumulate inside the machine, Muwi constructs and compresses them into cylindrical blocks.

If It's Hip, It's Here: The Ovei Pod, A Personal Cocoon In Various Forms From Artist-Decorated to Gaming.

Little TV screen, cup holders, reclines back.I will take one please! (I realize this is actually a Gaming Pod. It's for guys. but I would make one as a hiding place.for me) Gaming Pod? That to me says READING pod