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Don Kenn

John Kenn Mortensen (Donn Kenn) draws terrifying/awesome pictures of monsters on sticky notes. So reminiscent of Edward Gorey.

Edward Gorey artwork

Edward Gorey is one of my favorite artists. What if he had illustrated Lovecraft's stories or created artwork with Lovecraftian themes? The art of John Kenn Mortensen might be the result.

Arthur Rackham illustration for Grimm's Fairy Tales

Black Cat illustration by Arthur Arthur Rackham for the book "Grimm’s Fairy Tales," London: William Heineman, Ltd.

I see this guy's paintings featured every so often on different sites and always click through to see who it is, only to realize it's that same person (Jon Foster).

Illustrations by Jon Foster

A Lackadaisical Lexicon for Laggard Logophiles: PLENILUNE [noun] the full moon. Etymology: Latin plenilunium, from plenus, “full” + luna, “moon”. [Victo Ngai - Barsk: The Elephants’ Graveyard by Lawrence M. Schoen]

BARSK The Elephant’s Graveyard VICTO NGAI It’s a great pleasure working on the cover of Lawrence M. Schoen’s new novel Barsk The Elephant’s Graveyard for Tor. This mesmerizing story set in a distant.

In The Company of Wolves by Caitlin Clarkson

Watercolor wolf painting art print of Angela Carter "In the Company of Wolves" inspired black and blue spirit wolf ink painting by Caitlin Clarkson

the final major project : folklore illustrations

Folklore Illustrations by Jenni Saarenkyla, via Behance - Monsters in the woods with glowing eyes