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I'm a decorator. You decorated dad's office, and now you're a decorator? I went to the zoo yesterday. Now I'm a koala bear.

Sorry Rach.

Ross: God, that is the most beautiful engagement ring ever! Well you should know. You've only boughten like a billion of 'em. Ross: Yeah, you didn't get one. Friends TV show quotes my favorite



Funny pictures about Joey And The Cup. Oh, and cool pics about Joey And The Cup. Also, Joey And The Cup photos.

I would love to be rich

Because everyone knows that rich people eat gold and have flying ponies.


Why is he still crying? It's nothing that can't be solved by happy keys. I always feel better when someone shakes jagged metal in my face.



ross,chandler,and joey

You dont always see a pilgrim a cowboy and an indian hanging out together! Joey Ross and Chandler can make that happen!