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MS yea that bout gets it, but don't forgry "but you look so good"

Multiple Sclerosis quote Ann Romney

Multiple Sclerosis: Ann Romney

MS quote Ann Romney - So True - take a time out wait until your legs want to cooperate, tomorrow is another day


How individuals with MS feel.

Multiple Sclerosis Funny | ... with Multiple Sclerosis: Just a Bunch Of MS Slogans and Fun Sayings

with Multiple Sclerosis: Just a Bunch Of MS Slogans and Fun Sayings

Multiple Sclerosis Funny Quotes | Chronic Condition Warning Poster

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Did you know that because of the way MS has short circuited your brain and body, you would feel just like this because you have not met the expectations of others, have disappointed others, have lost the respect of others and can't ever make it better for them, OR YOU?

MS can be rough. My biggest issues are depression and lethargy. My biggest concern: Not knowing when/what the next exacerbation will be.

5 Things a Neurologist Wants You to Know About Multiple Sclerosis | Everyday Health

5 Things a Neurologist Wants You to Know About Multiple Sclerosis

Cleveland Clinic neurologist Robert Fox, MD, shares what is known — and not known — about MS, and what can be done to treat symptoms and prevent disability.


I have MS---it's an ugly disease. People at work look at me at times as if I'm drunk or on drugs.

Multiple sclerosis

mutiple sclerosis graphics and comments

Together we can cross out Multiple Sclerosis

For MS/Multiple Sclerosis awareness. Here are special products to show your support for MS research and awareness. A world free of MS.

Multiple Sclerosis Funny | Via Jana French

It takes up to 5 times more energy for a person with MS to complete even the most simple task than it does fir a person without MS.


I love the MS society it helps people understand one say i would like to tell my friends that my mom has MS without them looking confused

#msawareness #MSmonth  https://www.facebook.com/msmemesandmore/photos/a.451058868415611.1073741830.442627485925416/832923796895781/

#msawareness #MSmonth https://www.facebook.com/msmemesandmore/photos/a.451058868415611.1073741830.442627485925416/832923796895781/


March is MS (Multiple Sclerosis) awareness month. The last few year's I've written a series of posts to do my part to help raise awarene.

Multiple Sclerosis awareness decal (cute)

MS/Multiple Sclerosis Sticker (Oval)

Myelin (coating on the nerves) is what MS attacks so this is a clever little slogan!

MS ...some common symptoms~ Cognitive changes Memory Attention and concentration Word-finding Speed of information processing Abstract reasoning and problem solving Visual spatial abilities Executive functions Because MS can affect any part of the brain, almost any cognitive function can be impaired, and symptoms can range from having a mild impact on only one or two aspects through to more pervasive changes, which affect a person’s daily life.   #mseducation #mscogfog #msawareness #msmam

MS Memes and info-graphics on Multiple Sclerosis Education Awareness MS Meme Education Meme Education.