PokeTheMon   Little continuation idea I had for one of the pics from Ask Airalin Q41. Hope u like it! c: Like my art? Then please consider joining my Patreon! Every dollar helps!

Been away for quite awhile now b/c of the move, but now I'm done and ready to start uploading again! Airalin and company are also moving!


my pokemon team in the game pokemon heartgold ^^ pokemon by nintendo art and character by me Pokemon Team Pirate

#Pokemon Generations Fan-Made http://www.indiedb.com/games/pokemon-generations  <how Pokémon will look in 10 years

Why are we not funding this

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Alternate pokemon go teams by seoxys6

Pokemon variations: Torterra by turnipBerry on DeviantArt

Pokemon variations: Torterra by turnipBerry on DeviantArt<---- I want one with pines or maple trees!

OMG NOOOO!!!!!!!!!

My Life is Over <<For real though, my Pokemon kept accidentally making Kyogre faint, so I had to keep restarting. The battle against Kyogre was hard


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Words of Inspiration by RakkuGuy on DeviantArt

Airalin doesn't want to admit she's getting to big to ride around on Noir like he's her private ferry. ^^ See the newest Airalin comics a week early before they're uploaded to Dev.

Land's Wrath by saarakala on DeviantArt

Pokemon fanart again. Zygarde is such a cutie! Made with SAI Pokemon © Nintendo Land's Wrath