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Euro 2012: The Mobile Infographic

Euro The Mobile Infographic

Generation Mobile

Generation Mobile: How Cell Phones Shape the Lives of College Students [Infographic] - EgoTV

Client Infographic: The Mobile Advantage If you’re a consumer-facing organization hoping to use mobile to build a strong, long-lasting relationship with your customers, there’s some good news!  Smartphone owners are increasingly downloading not just games but customer service apps - especially from their mobile carrier, bank and favorite retailers.

Nuance Communications has released a new infographic, The Mobile Advantage, sharing the results of their own mobile consumer preference research. Designed by InfoNewt, this infographic design tells the story of how important mobile apps are to brands.

Mobile couponing is the wave of the future. Here's some cool information on it.

Infographic: Mobile Coupons & Why 20 Percent of Smartphone Users Redeem Them - Mobile Marketing Watch

Yup, as you may have already guessed (or known) by now, the PC is being trashed in favour of smartphones and tablets.  But that isn’t really a surprise (especially if you are a regular MakeUseOf reader and you’ve seen our coverage slanting a lot towards mobile and tablet applications).  Everyone and their dog has a smartphone in their pocket and a tablet under their arm.  And according to today’s infographic, that smartphone is more likely to be an Android phone, rather than an iPhone or…

2012 Internet & Mobile Trends [INFOGRAPHIC]

Mobile usage of Twitter in the UK. #socialmedia #twitter

80% of UK users access Twitter via their mobile

Mobile Means Engagement When it Comes to Social Media - Mobile Marketing Watch

Are mobile devices destroying your body?  well are they? #health #infographic

Are mobile devices destroying your body? This infographic illustrates the effects that using a wireless or mobile device has on our health whether it be effects on posture, eyesight, hearing, sleeping or even just being distracted.

Onavo Presented the graphical stats of 2011 top 10 used iPhone apps and data usage. Of course this stats also shows Facebook is the top most app which was used and 3 top app is ...

The 10 most used iPhone apps - Las 10 iPhone Apps más usadas - Le 10 App per iPhone più utilizzate