Walter Crane - “Ensigns Of Spring”

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Walter Crane - “Ensigns Of Spring” Walter Crane August 1845 – 14 March was an English artist and book illustrator.

Words of Wisdom:   "So passed the order of the world again, Victorious Summer crowning lusty Spring, Rich Autumn faint with wealth of harvesting, And Winter the earth's sleep; and then again Spring, Summer, Autumn and the Winter's pain; And still and still the same the years went by."  From "The Earthly Paradise" by William Morris  [Painting by Walter Crane, "The Masque of the Four Seasons", circa 1905]

The Masque of the Four Seasons Walter Crane - British, 1845 The masque was a dramatic entertainment that was popular in England in the and centuries. It was usually performed by masked players representing mythological or allegorical figures.

Frog fingers 1884...Hawley & Moors. I've never heard this little very sweet it is <3

Frog fingers & Moors Love this one! A froggy version of This Little Piggy .