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It is a modern firetale no happy ends

The bed's getting cold and you are not here Future that we hold is so unclear And i am not alive untill you call.

Selena Gomez To Be Honored At Billboard's "Women In Music" Event - http://oceanup.com/2015/10/28/selena-gomez-to-be-honored-at-billboards-women-in-music-event/

Selena Gomez At Billboard's "Women In Music" CampSerenity andBrokenGlass. Secrets of [Egypt's] LostQueen EarthEmpress MisSelenaEarthosGomez~ iThink Twas a LongTimeAgo.

Selena Gomez                                                                                                                                                                                 More

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To make revolution

Me everyday as I sit in my bed, probably wearing fuzzy socks, being unproductive!

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Imagen relacionada

20 best science jokes ever… Do you get them all?

20 best science jokes ever… Do you get them all?

20 of the best science jokes ever. Always awkward to be snickering at a joke and suddenly realize no one else got the punchline.