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Loved ones

Miss you every day dad.Love you very much. They walk beside us every day.unseen, unheard, but always near.still loved, still missed, and very dear.

Also, I hate people...

Compliments annoy me. I know I'm being lied to. (This is why I don't accept compliments well.I feel like people are "just saying that" or don't feel that way at all, making it all a lie.

Beau Taplin || Unstoppable

"She was unstoppable. Not because she did not have failures or doubts. But because she continued on despite them" beau taplin -unstoppable-book

You know these days when you feel really good, but in the next moment you break down, cry and want to die?

Yeah feel like this a lot lately more so now I can't stop thinking about the woman I love it's like a part of me has already died and is dying a little every day to bad there isn't much time left ashlee

What's crazy is I have been doing this for years! I love our "Daddy/Daughter Time". There is something about taking my daughter shopping, out to lunch and to a piece of Fannie May candy. What's even better is when she treats me now! Memories made...

A Message To All Dads With Daughters

FATHERS: Be your daughter's love. Open doors for her, pull her seat out, and talk to/treat her with the utmost respect. Set expectations on how a man should treat a lady, and she'll never settle for anything less.

Felt Birthday Cake for toddler play- made out of a plain hatbox

felt birthday cake out of an old hat box. This craft is perfect pretend play activity for your kids with storage built in.

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Cameron Diaz, Let's trade 4 healthy items, Arts and acts 4 life is what you…