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how’re you feeling about that test in math class?

This incredible confusion.

33 Really Funny Tumblr Posts That Are What You Need Right Now

This is the funniest goddamn post on this website


My OCD sense has tingling

If These Tumblr Posts Make You Laugh, You Have A Weird Sense Of Humour

21 Tumblr Posts You'll Only Find Funny If You Have A Weird Sense Of Humour

I read this in the yeeezy boneless pizza meme voice

posts like this make me question why I ever made a tumblr account but oh lol

My favorites are 'Is that John Green?', 'Which fandom ruined the hipster post?', and 'spot the vegan'

This is my anthem

Oh Tumblr.

For all the frustrated artists Humor pictures

Yeah but it became the slang for the female vital regions because it is was associated with those things.

To be fair, people associate it with female genitalia when they say it, so it doesn't really matter what it used to mean.

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The earth is flat? Nah the earth is a conspiracy what's earth

Funny tumblr post

Tumblr Tuesday 2-17

// night embers and neon signs paint the black sky //

She is gorgeous

She is gorgeous<< She is funny and wonderfully sarcastic 😂

Confuse, don't abuse!

Confuse, don't abuse!

cool @twerked Instagram profile - Enjoygram by http://www.dezdemonhumor.space/funny-humor/twerked-instagram-profile-enjoygram/

@twerked Instagram profile - Enjoygram

hahahahahaha whos flat now hahahaha why do I find this so funny?

Meanwhile On The Beach - Funniest Pictures

Thanks For Everything Internet. Wonder if we can find Gompers There...?

Funny Pictures Of The Day 52 Pics; one dot equals 500 goats lol

This is what the face society needs to have towards people with mental illness

Canadians are really well mannered, I don't see why people make fun of them. This is extremely funny though.

This is so true and it's annoying<<What if I didn't look at a picture of a chicken?? Do I still get the sweater?? No? Dang...

*sigh* I hate women's clothing sizes sometimes.