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Funny pictures about College Vs. Oh, and cool pics about College Vs. Also, College Vs.


Heartwarming nostalgia

Courage the Cowardly Dog - episode when Muriel is sucked into a tornado and becomes 3 years old, her strong Scottish accent intact. Cooking mac & cheese is revealed as another one of Courage's many hidden talents.

College aged Magic School Bus characters…

Funny pictures about College aged Magic School Bus characters. Oh, and cool pics about College aged Magic School Bus characters. Also, College aged Magic School Bus characters.


I'm also pretty certain Elsa is the love child of rogue and iceman. Perhaps Frozen only happened because the xmen movies made them a couple.since they aren't in the comics.

History Nerd... but I thought I was the only one who was a sucker for George Washington... haha

5 Reasons Why Washington Was a Stud - History Major Heraldic Beast Let's not forget he not only served his country, but led us to VICTORY despite everything against them!

Life Hacks You Need To Start Doing Now!

10 Wicked Life Hacks That Only A Dishonest Genius Would Use. I am a dishonest genius

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(TWIBRA) Unexpected good colfriend by Patty-PLMH.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

English is not my native language. Sombra still an asshole. And for those that think that THIS is OOC. it is, i mean, is a ship-post, what do you expect?