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i´m not that happy with the big picture. marinettes hands O.O omg...i´m sorry xD hope you like it page 5: 19gioia93.deviantart.com/art/M… page 7: 19gioia93.deviantart.com/art/M&hel...

Yeah I played along with the mermaid style XD (I just wanted to do some sketches but turned out to be more XDD) And I'm working on a comic to this too ^^ Little mermaid AU

ladybug and cat noir | Miraculous TV Show Episodes, Games, Videos & Pics | Nick.com

You can see the unusual texture on her mask here, and on her shoulder. I think the suit is slightly less textured anyway

See, any akumatized person by Chloe should be allowed to rampage until Chloe is dead!  Seriously.  Ladybug and Chat Noir would really be heroes to me if they allowed it.

If Chloe found out Adrien was Chat Noir~ (Miraculous Ladybug, lol)<<<< noooooooo this is the one part on Adrien's life that he can get peace from you Chloe go awayyy

New friends | Miraculous Ladybug

Lila was bitchy and snobby but I think she could be good friends with marinette, irony and all

Artist is gicabyte.tumblr.com

My mind while reading simply started playing "A thousands years". I went emotional in secs😭

Don't leave me Sorry I feel like angst today. you can trow me now from this fandom owo'' Don't leave me