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Benedict is me when i meet people who haven't seen Sherlock

“Benedict is me when i meet people who haven't seen Sherlock”

oh dear....its like discovering Tom Hiddleston all over again........hide yo kids. hide yo wife.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Benedict Cumberbatch <------ this pin is so awesome and funny:)

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Some of these are hard to see, but can we just talk about how much Benedict Cumberbatch likes funky socks? What a nerd :-) << I feel you Ben. I love buying funky socks.

Psst no, apparently normal people don't have headcanons about their lives

Lol Bendict Cumberbatch and the Otter meme

I'm dying over here... I can't breathe I'm laughing so hard!

How To Know If Benedict Cumberbatch Dressed Himself Today…fun game

Bendick otterbatch

Bendick otterbatch

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Because it's perfect, that's why. ok I don't ship Johnlock but this is epic. <-- I'm not gonna take this as Johnlock but instead as uncle John reading to Sherlocks and Molly's son Hamish<<how can you not ship Johnlock? This is Johnlock!

Por que você está disfarçado de dragão? É para um caso (hehehehehe)

"It's for a case, Jawn!" How did they turn into a hobbit and dragon anyway?

Mark Gatiss, you're an absolutely brilliant writer and you do awesome work on the show.... -wait patiently for surprise kiss-

This can be our fandom's own Bloody Mary legend. If you film yourself praising Mark's brilliance, he'll appear and kiss you! Andrew looks so precious though!

How does he do it?<--I'm convinced he's either and alien or has superpowers, although he could be from krypton...

Benedict, in and out of character XD <== he's a genius actor.

Benedict Cumberbatch at TIFF---this never gets old. gif! I love his smile after he says hello.

He's adorable *gifset* I would so love to be waved at by him.

@Jenny Pabst I feel like this is totally you right now! hahaha

I fucking DIED! Somebody help, I can't breathe. I don't think I should have laughed as hard as I did. Kinda still laughing too. :D (if you don't get it, the name is Benedict Cmberbatch, an actor.

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Haha "vwoom, vwoom" his expression in that last picture i cant

Who let Sherlock know about hashtags? Damnit, Lestrade, we've talked about this. #compartirvideos #love #inspirationalphrases

Why does the first selfie Sherlock takes look better than all of mine?