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Pipe Cleaner Craft: Beaded Snakes

Pipe Cleaner Craft: Beaded Snakes Making a pipe cleaner craft is a great way to practice hand-eye coordination with little ones, and these beaded snakes are a fun way to do just that! Want fantastic hints concerning arts and crafts?

Barbie canopy bed

Barbie canopy bed Had this, 1 bed for about 13 barbies lol

Aquí nos encontramos con otro proyecto de bricolaje para usted. proyectos de bricolaje son siempre únicos, ya que hay innumerables ideas creativas por ahí.

Formas Originales de Reciclar Pinzas de Ropa

With only a tuna fish can and a few clothespins, you can make a DIY clothespin planter, or even a DIY candle holder! A simple, tool-free DIY project.

2 crabs in our familia

crab hat made from a paper bowl and clothespin claws! It's a hat and it's a crab!