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Funny person by Puuung

A boring person? Not at all. I feel happy whenever I'm with you! You're the only one thinking that way!

Creator's Playground: Grafolio

자전거 (bicycles)

eighteenth story I picked up is by Stephanie Sims Dear Puuung, Thank you for…

As histórias que você conta são sempre engraçadas, mesmo aquelas que você já me contou antes.

The stories you tell are always funny, even if it's one I've already heard before.

20 illustrations of the most important thing in the world.

Love is in the little things...


beep beep beeeeepp beep beep,maybe i should get out more often,i feel lighter

Puuung - Buscar con Google

Play a board game "The game of life and death to decide who gets to do the dishes. Now, focus and see who will be the winner. " ^^ haha so funny!

Love is unending inspiration: New Illustrations By Korean Artist Puuung - Outsourcing company in Hanoi Vietnam