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When you're trapped mentally... when you're thrown into despair... the things you believed in change and you're turning darker inside...  On pixiv, there is a tag that represents characters that have gone evil or have lost their sight on the light. Today's Spotlight is all about characters who have fallen into darkness... a completely 180 degree. Check them out!

When you're trapped mentally. when you're thrown into despair.


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グラニ、"すべてが別格"の新作RPG『黒騎士と白の魔王』のストーリーと登場キャラ、舞台設定イラストを公開 | Social Game Info

グラニ、"すべてが別格"の新作RPG『黒騎士と白の魔王』のストーリーと登場キャラ、舞台設定イラストを公開 | Social Game Info

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Clurichaun (Irish) - Being both related to Leprechaun and Gancanagh, these red or magenta wearing gnomes have dangerous and addictive sweat like their cousins, but their sweat works like alcohol and causes other creatures to become drunk, this creates a lot of aggressively behavior and chaos around a Clurichaun, who themselves revel in never-ending drunkenness.

Elves drawn by a French illustrator Jean-Baptiste Monge. Elves drawn by a French illustrator Jean-Baptiste Monge.

1girl absurdres alcohol azuki_(azuki-taste) fate/grand_order fate_(series) gourd grey_background highres horns looking_at_viewer navel oni revealing_clothes sakazuki sake short_hair shuten_douji_(fate/grand_order) simple_background small_breasts smile solo tongue tongue_out

absurdres alcohol azuki (azuki-taste) fate/grand order fate (series) gourd grey background highres horns looking at viewer navel oni revealing clothes sakazuki sake short hair shuten douji (fate/grand order) simple background small breasts smile solo

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Ibuki Suika, an Oni with superhuman physical power. She is the manipulator of density, and can uproot ancient trees and boulders. She is amusing and is fearless. A jolly, playful, social and careless type. No one has ever known what she is like sober.