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g/s - work in progress

'g' work in progress, white pencil on black paper, lettering, hand-lettering / typography & lettering

Ice cold by @jonathanfaust

Ice cold by @jonathanfaust

letter g

letter g

Part of a logotype design project I'm working on now :) Cheers


Lettering craft 8 Waht is lettering exactly, we have been asked.

Letter Feast 42

“Letter Feast”. Un proyecto de Joan Quirós

Multi-stroked fraktur "A" - by Joan Quirós

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Great lettering designs for your inspiration

G - Nick Matej

G - Nick Matej

One custom letter a day by Simon Ålander

lettering-3d-tolga-girgin (11)

O lettering 3D de Tolga Girgin

This creative series of anamorphic lettering by graphic designer Tolga Girgin takes the art of calligraphy to another level of awesome.

type color and mood inspo

New Years doodle best wishes for 2016 folks! by schmetzer

Handcrafted type usually aims to be distinctive and yet looks like most others. Patrick Cabral knows how to stand out.

Beautiful lettering by Patrick Cabral

Digital art selected for the Daily Inspiration

This post is part of our daily series of posts showing the most inspiring images selected by some of the Abduzeedo's writers and users.

18 Inspirational Hand Lettering Logos by 18 Awesome Typographers (Cool Fonts Letters)

A Beautiful Collection of Hand-Drawn Calligraphy and Lettering Logos

Great example of a simple hand written type and with extra treatment, the second version seems much more involved and stylised, gives a real hand drawn feel

Never forget who you are ✨

Mexican lettering David Milan is a calligraphy and.

Skills on Goodtype

Here’s a brand new gallery with quality lettering and calligraphy designs that we’ve stumbled upon the last couple of weeks. And if you crave more quality designs you should definitely check out our…