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Red Queen

red queen. you're cold and i burn;

red queen: modern au ↳ ships: mare barrow x maven calore“I will never make the mistake of loving you ever again. All so shadow could defeat the flame. you're cold and i burn;

Red Queen

"I'll make them scream for you mare....every last one."

"I'll make them scream for you mare.

Está comunidad es para los aficionados de La Reina Roja, de Victoria Aveyard

Mare and Cal //they messed it up its Tiberas but whatever I like the post//

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Edit by Rhia T - Red Queen

OMG I used this quote in a book I'm writing​. I didn't even know it was in this book

Books Read in Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard ““The gods rule us still. And they are no longer kind” ”

Red Queen fan art by vvoodleys.tumblr.com

Glass Sword by Victoria Aveyard hit on the New York Times bestseller list and it’s all thanks to the incredibly Red Queen fandom, THE SCARLET GUARD! We wanted to take a moment to celebrate you, the awesome RED QUEEN … Read