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Tadashi Kawamata GandaMaison Versailles by mgoeh, via Flickr

Kawamata's work transcends the art context and extends to fields such as architecture and city planning, history, sociology, everyday communication, and even

Tadashi Kawamata - FIAC 2013

Place Vendôme 2013 - FIAC artist Tadashi Kawamata tree huts at place vendôme paris

Revista de ArteS - Escultura - Tadashi Kawamata

Here is last Tadashi Kawamata 's last work in La Maréchalerie in Versailles achieved after a workshop in l'Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Arch.

作品来自于西班牙马德里的艺术家 Alicia Martin,5000本书倾泻而出。是被买书不读的自己逼疯了吧。

Artist Alicia Martin's tornado of books shoot out a window like a burst of water from a giant hose. The Spain-based artist's sculptural installation at Casa de America, Madrid depicts a cavalcade of books streaming out of the side of a building.

Artist Tadashi Kawamata Stacks Hundreds of Chairs Into a 20-Foot-High Sculpture | Inhabitat - Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building

Artist Tadashi Kawamata Stacks Hundreds of Chairs Into a 20-Foot-High Sculpture...

Japanese artist Tadashi Kawamata created the soaring dome made entirely from stacked chairs! Dubbed 'Chairs For Abu Dhabi', the unique ready-made structure invited people to walk through it and take a rest in one of the comfy seats inside it.

TADASHI KAWAMATA http://www.widewalls.ch/artist/tadashi-kawamata/ #installation #urban #art

There was a time when the corridors of La Maréchalerie rang with the strikes of the blacksmith’s hammer;

An art work by the Japanese artist Tadashi Kawamata, entitled Gandamaison, at the Marechalerie Centre of Contemporary Art, in Versailles, France

Pictures of the day: 24 October 2008

When we read that Centre Pompidou in Paris was offering a Cardboard Carton Workshop, we wanted to beam ourselves there, a la Star Trek, to see what more we

TADASHI KAWAMATA  Gandamaison  2008  Cagettes  Vue de l’installation, La Maréchalerie – Centre d’art contemporain, Versailles, 2008  © Tadashi Kawamata

Tadashi Kawamata Gandamaison View of the installation, La Maréchalerie – Centre d’art contemporain, Versailles, 2008

Henrique Oliveira’s transformation of a house in his trademark style of installation work:

Henrique Oliveira Talks to Yatzer published in: Architecture, Interviews, Art By Stefania Vourazeri, 12 March 2012 Tapumes - Casa dos Leões VII Bienal do Mercosul, Porto Alegre plywood and PVC photo © Eduardo Ortega

"Resembling natural structures like beehives and bird nests, these art installations by Tadashi Kawamata consist of wooden detritus like old chairs and pallets. The reclaimed items are lashed together with zip ties into massive public sculptures that bend and twist in unexpected ways."

Found Object Art: 13 Sculptures Made of Reclaimed Items

Centquatre art space in Paris

Centquatre art space in Paris, Waste Landscape created by French artist Elise Morin and architect Clémence Eliard. Landscape composed of old CDs hand-sewn together into a meter surface.