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Confederate X132 Hellcat Motorcycle (2)

Confederate Motorcycles: Hellcat straight out of Birmingham, Alabama


American manufacturer Confederate Motorcycles recently formalized the release of their monstrous streetfighter, the Hellcat. The beast is powered by an impressive V-twin 132 BHP engine and with of torque, it is capable of tearing yo

X132 HELLCAT | BY CONFEDERATE MOTORCYCLES - This explains my taste for motorcycles. Old school touch with new age technology.

X132 Hellcat | By Confederate Motorcycles

These confederate bikes look awesome, I wonder how they ride! Their website is worth a visit.


Confederate Motors Hellcat It is tough, lean, fast and true, the all new 2012 Confederate Hellcat combines 132 cubic inch Copperhead power, and third generation evolved patented Confederate power.

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Confederate Hellcat Motorcycle is Inspired by WWII Plane, Might be Coolest Ever

Confederate X132 Hellcat 2012

Confederate Hellcat by Confederate Motors, (USA) founded by trial lawyer H. Matthew Chambers in as an initiative seeking "enlightened design through true American inspiration"

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Photo Gallery: 2010 Confederate P120 Fighter Black Flag

This is a beast of a bike, the Combat Fighter has an aircraft-grade aluminum chassis and is driven by a huge V-twin, 160 horsepower engine. This monstrosity has a torque of 135 ft. at the rear wheel, making it more powerful than the Yamaha