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Millions of places to go on the interweb but I end up back with Mr Vedder. Coincidence? I think not.

Audrey Lois uploaded this image to 'Eddie Vedder'. See the album on Photobucket.

Eddie Vedder - because he supported women's rights long before it became cool to do so ... and he did it beautifully, to boot!

First Listen: Eddie Vedder, 'Ukulele Songs'

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In Honor Of Eddie Vedder’s 50th Birthday, Here Are 57 GIFs Of Pearl Jam’s Frontman (Because I Couldn’t Narrow Them Down!)

Eddie and Dave, Mtv Unplugged

"A little love song I wrote about my surf board. No, actually it's to somebody named Beth, who, hopefully I'll see tomorrow." Eddie talking to audience after singing Oceans, MTV Unplugged 1992

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Life couldn& get Eddie Vedder than this, unless you were Chris Cornell, because grunge.

Eddie Vedder '91 gif hair

simpledoyle: “ “With everything that you think you’ve figured out, it’s just another path to another set of questions.