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Gardening With the Colour Wheel

Gardening With the Colour Wheel

Color Wheel for neutralizing blemishes on skin. Neutralize with a color opposite the blemish color. Then cover with concealer or foundation.

Combinación de colores complementarios

PAINTING COMPLIMENTARY COLORS ----------- Colors that are opposite each other on the color wheel are considered to be complementary colors (example: red and green).

pocket colour wheel - back

eye shadow Color chart, pick your eye color, best shadow for you is at opposite end.


Excellent Color Charts – These show different color relationships used in art and design. Some color schemes/systems described are: analogous, complimentary, split-complimentary, triad, tetra…

This is a good color theory poster that includes digital information also

Colour Theory Part 1 of 2 : by Inkfumes: Poster Designs: Color, Design, Typography Theory

Lidschattenfarben, Augenfarbe, Farbkreis, Komplementärfarben

Der richtige Lidschatten

Name        Hex        RGB              lightcoral        F08080        240,128,128              rosybrown        BC8F8F        1...

Great simple table of the 4 main color groups = my experience is you can successfully wear all of the warm colors whether labeled warm/light warm or spring/autumn.same for cool/light cool or summer/winter.

Color Wheel from Montessori Print Shop

Montessori Color Mixing Activities - Rainbows of Color

Color Wheel: Warm & Cool Colors all about colours and terminology

Makeup 101: Color Theory & Make-up Artistry │ 彩妝色彩學

Munsell color system                                                                                                                                                                                 More

garden design using color theory with the color wheel. Choosing two adjacent colors with one contrasting color.