How to make a steampunk corset busk

How to Make a Steampunk Corset Busk

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kristen mcmenamy by tim walker for w magazine september 2012.

Yana sagged from the weight of her pearls. Being queen wasn't as much fun as it looked. Kristen McMenamy in ‘Dame of Thrones’ Photographer: Tim Walker Dress: Balmain F/W W Magazine September 2012

Crinoline c. 1865

Crinoline 1865 One of the most characteristic features of fashion during the middle of the century was the crinoline style, using crinolines incorporating steel hoops. Skirts began to swell out.

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"This is actually a mask the Doctors wore so as not to contract fatal diseases back in Victorian era" (or so it claims.I don't recall Victorian doctors wearing Plague masks.I think it's Steampunk and someone bs'd the description.

Edie Campbell in 'Check Mates' photographed by Tim Walker for Vogue Italia, December 2015

Quote about Gothic architecture, one of my favorite styles.

"the principle of the gothic architecture is infinity made imaginable. when we build, let us think we build forever.

Project DNA uses 3D printing and white nylon to create designs such a scaffolded corset, a blossoming feathered shoulder piece and a waist bracelet. London-based designer Catherine Wales's collection, Project DNA, is designed to ‘push the boundaries of digital fabrication within the luxury market.’

When science is stylish: Designer uses 3D printing to create a range of accessories that is taking the fashion world by storm

Project DNA, the three-dimensional accessories collection from London-based designer, Catherine Wales

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Put a Pin it It (8.2

geisha redux / Kelly Hood - Avant Garde Hair Created By Nicholas French