Magazine Book Layout Inspiration 5

This layout flows well. I like how it appears to be one page. Dark background for magazine spread layout

Amanda: AgMag Idea

colourful photography, with photo spreading across entire spread

Horizontale verdeling tekst, meer foto.

This DPS layout is simple but eye catching and draws attention to the image that is on the DPS

I love the deep blues and greens in this picture. Also, I really like the way the text is pushed to the corner of the image to allow more focus on the graphic, because it's a very strong and dramatic photo.

36 Stunning Magazine and Publication Layouts for your Inspiration

Editorial Design: Bluszcz Magazine by Joanna Tyborowska, via Behance

Layout- the text is alligned around a huge letter which I feel gives a nice effect to the text creating nice shapes but sill looking simple and not distracting away from the information the article is giving.

Love this use of type.  probably too 'arty' for a mountain bike mag, but I really like it.

Priest and Grace, Magazine Layouts. Love how the typography works with each other to add interest to a simple design.

Похожее изображение

the typography of this layout is so amazing. I love the way the picture fills the text and gives a very emotional feel to the whole thing.

Photograph of duck squad is visually striking, very high contrast of values. The photo of the dry, cracked earth at the top offers contrast in subject matter, relating to the "difference" referenced in the article's headline. The font weight of the body copy looks sufficiently heavy such that the type is legible and comfortable to read. The little intro blurb has a narrow column width and uses a slightly larger font with more spaced out leading to distinguish it from the main body text.

Inspirational and Attractive Magazine Page Layouts

There are many places and situations in which designers can find inspiration, and magazine layouts have long been an excellent source. Of course, no designer can buy and browse every magazine in the hope of coming across some great ideas.