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Le développement du foetus "Miracles Du Coran" - YouTube

This medical animation depicts a normal vaginal birth using a time-lapse effect. Strong uterine contractions push the fetus forcibly through the birth canal during labor and delivery. The animation shows the 2 steps forward, 1 step back & rotation.

AMAZING! Cannot stop staring at this! Museo Palazzo Poggi -Breech vaginal birth #nursecollab

Breech Birth Models at Obstetric Museum at Bologna University, Italy

How a CUT heals. Could have used this for Anatomy & Physiology class this year. @Jeannie Fulbright

For Science class! How a CUT heals. Could have used this for Anatomy & Physiology class this year.

Life is all about struggle from birth to death

Life is all about struggle from birth to death

Birth is one of the most empowering events of a woman's life. When I look back on my birth images I feel like superwoman. I pushed LIFE into this world! It was the hardest, most rewarding thing.

Cesarean delivery or C-section is a surgery done to deliver the baby by surgical procedure. During the surgery the obstetrician makes a cut through your belly and uterus (womb) to take the baby out of the uterus. It's the commonest major surgery now-a-days that is done in women. Cesarean delivery or C-section can be an elective or unplanned surgery.

Why would you need an unplanned cesarean section? Sometimes things come up in labor that require a cesarean birth. Here are some of the most common reasons given to perform a cesarean in labor.

how the cervix opens to give birth

Ever Wonder Exactly What Happens During Childbirth? Check Out This Visual Guide

The Myth of a Vaginal Exam. How predicting labour can NOT be determined by a vaginal exam.

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8 Tips To Avoid Having A Premature Delivery- Premature deliveries are those that occur before 37 weeks gestation. There are various disadvantages to premature delivery that affect the health of both baby and mother.

Baby Incubators- Premature babies were cared for by Dr. Clouney and his trained nurses. This was at a time when hospitals didn't have equipment to care for these infants.

Premature infants on display at Luna Park after their rescue from Dreamland exhibit on Coney Island in 1911 when a great fire swept through, destroying the pier.

Placenta Variations — Placenta Wisdom

Placenta Variations

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Chorion and Amnion in Twin Pregnancies...ultrasound showed monochorionic diamniotic. Hoping for the best.

The Shared Placenta Question

The Business of Being Born - documentary exploring the contemporary experience of childbirth in the United States

The Business of Being Born (2008)

I hope every woman sees this. The Business of Being Born- amazing documentary on Home Birth. Women need to get educated about their birthing options and what is best for them and their babies.