Les illustrations de Shannon Trottman ( don& know what language this is in but good job Shannon!


youngjusticer: Now if only they made an Arkham movie… Arkham Knight, by Jaime…


This is my latest DC cover gig after Batgirl - Birds of Prey. I am really looking forward to work on the covers. Written by GAIL SIMONE Art by ARDIAN SY. Birds of Prey - issue 7


I have to admit after seeing how dire the x-men, spiderman and wolverine movies were then watching the DC epic animated movies I'm a total DC convert, w. The dark knight

Ben Affleck Batman Arts

In a new interview, Ben Affleck talks about taking on the coveted role of Batman in Batman vs. Superman, the fan reaction to his casting and his only movie regret.

Batman Beyond by jameszapata on deviantART

“Batman Beyond” by James Zapata aka jameszapata “Batman Beyond” by Mark Vick aka Ritorian “Batman Beyond” by Marco Garcia aka “Batman Beyond” by Guy Bourraine Jr aka tiguybou