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Photoshop Replacement Icon

Photoshop Replacement Icon

If enough people like this, I'll try to get an icon set out for the major Adobe apps!

Open Doors

App Icon Design - Wooden Door

This is interesting to see an icon with a camera lens illustration on it but its at an angle. I think it was an effective way of staying different from other designs.

YouTurn app icon

In this beautiful collection, we are presenting some handy and useful mobile apps UI Icons for inspiration. With these mobile app icons, designers can enhance

Journal iOS Icon Design by Román Jusdado

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FontSieve Mac App #Icon Design

FontSieve Mac App Icon

FontSieve MacOS app icon designed by our guys! FontSieve is an app for web developers and designers that enable you to embed a compact subset of a font directly in your web page.

Showcase of Amazing iOS App. Icon Sketches and Final Versions ...

Showcase of Amazing iOS App. Icon Sketches and Final Versions

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Implied movement is very strong in this design. There are a lot of element in this design that work together to make for a great overall image. The perspective is a huge part of this designs success, any other view would loose details.

20 Epicly Cool Pixel Perfect Icons

Veggie meals app icon by Max Rudberg

Veggie Meals app icon

Veggie Meals icon design by Max Rudberg. - Best Mobile Designers In The World

Caramel Painting Box by ADI™

Caramel Painting Box