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Great visual that easily communicates to clients the outcome of a design based on a budget.if you want it fast & good, then it'll be expensive :)


“What People Think I Do” - Graphic Designer this is a sad sad truth lol (sometimes)

Freak out love the upside down crown

I love this "Now Panic and Freak Out" parody of the "Keep Calm and Carry On"


Bacon [noun] The main reason you are not a vegetarian. No, the ONLY reason I'm not a vegetarian.

Looking for stress reducers? There's a nap for that.

Looking for stress reducers? There's a nap for that.

what can you do with all of these thoughts that are overloading your brain? empty them into the thought room...

the thoughts room- type in your worries or fears, and they explode into stars. Great for stress!


One can dream so much better in a room where there are pretty things. --Anne Shirley - Anne of Green Gables by LM Montgomery

Funny pictures, best…"

Funny pictures, best…"

What Kind of Geek are You? [INFOGRAPHIC] #Geek #Hierarchy #Geekdom - yes there is a pecking order :)

What Kind Of Geek Are You?

Would you classify yourself as a geek? Wait though, which kind of geek? A pop culture geek? A sports geek? An encyclopedia geek? A chic geek? An internet geek? If you're unsure, Best Colleges Online has put together a swell infographic to help you out.

Kid Koala Space Cadet Ninja Tune

Kid Koala 'Space Cadet: Original Still Picture Score' - released 19 September 2011 on Ninja Tune.