I pinned this from the A Natural Touch - Tranquil Decor with an Organic Twist event at Joss and Main!

A Natural Touch - Tranquil Decor with an Organic Twist- Joss and Main!

BUD VASE :: Ideas for what to put in one. :: Inkwell Bud Vase, Classic | $8 @ Terrain

Inkwell Bud Vase, Classic

Modeled after antique inkwells, this colorful bud vase is perfect for spotlighting a singular bloom fresh from the garden.

Pussy Willow Branches

Pussy Willow Branches

No electric in center of the sloped ceiling-perhaps a tree branch "chandelier" on ribbon instead?

of Chandelier. Create a cool lighting accent with a wreath of tree branches and hanging candles. Source: Reclaiming Your Castle of (Visited times, 1 visits today)

DIY Jewelry tree. Twigs were downed in an ice storm, so we chose these, baked them for 2 hrs in the oven at 200F to dry them and ensure no bugs, built a base out of air-dry clay to look like rocks and a pond, stuck the sticks in, let them dry, then glued train-model 'grass' on to make it mossy. My daughter opted to paint the one purple. I just varnished the other one. You can use a big wooden base, or an old candle holder, or a vase with rocks in it.

Just before Christmas, we experienced an awesome ice storm that downed a great number of rather large branches in southern Ontario.

stick diffuser

30 Essential Oil Hacks That Will Keep Your Home Smelling Sweet

in glass bottles add drops of t essential oil and fill t up with warm water and dried twigs/sticks branches(they draw up the water naturally) are put in.

Lucie Rie - Vases

Lord Snowdon’s photograph of Lucie’s hands and Sam Haskin’s portrait of Lucie taken around Lucie Rie and Hans Coper pottery upstairs at 18 Albion Mews in

Standing Birch Branches w/240 LED Lights 5'9"H

Standing Birch Branches w/240 LED Lights 5'9"H

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11 Beautiful Wall Murals That Will Make You Want to Break Up with Paint

Break Up With Paint: 11 Beautiful Wall Murals to Try

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