Dua for Forgiveness

Most recommended dua in Ramadan

Sorrow & Grief

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“Du'aa to remove sorrow and grief.

The Fasting is the best useful recipe for health and spirit, individually as well as collectively. We should perform this duty extremely with honor and punctuality. Apparently there is much labour and difficulty in Fasting but if we see its advantages then we shall feel that these difficulties have no position comparing to its benefits

Prescription Of The Fasting

Don't forget to thank Allah The Almighty for wat he has given:)

dua when leaving the home

Prayer for when leaving the home

To Create Light On Face

To Create Light On Face

The night of decree

Dua for The Night of Power: Allahumma innaka afuwwun kareemun tuhibbul afwa fa’fu anni. Translate: Oh Allah certainly you are Most Forgiving, You love to Forgive, so Forgive me.


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Dua .. hadees

Duaa after Prayer


Prayers for muslim victory

Duah to say while in sujud

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du’a for forgiveness

Ameen... Help me find my way back to you..

guide me ya Allah.

Power of Prayer - Namaz Quotes in English

(9) Twitter

(9) Twitter

Memorize Rabbana Dua 1 - {Qur'an 2:127} | The Ideal Muslimah

Memorize Rabbana Dua 1 – {Qur’an - The Ideal Muslimah

Hannah prayed for Samuel. Prayer book for preschoolers

the parable Jesus tells in the gospel about the need to pray to God often. (story of the woman who regularly asks the judge for mercy and he finally grants it due to her consistency)

islam on Dua for success   Dua asking for the best in success, rewards, life, and death

Dua asking for the best in success, rewards, life, and death : Wisdom from Quran…