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boules colorées

Ball of fabric. (if you wanted green/blue on tables) Group together fabric-covered balls to make a great filler for a bowl, a glass vase, or a basket. Cut fabric strips from coordinating fabrics and use glue to adhere the strips to plastic-foam balls.

fabric covered tin cans

Fabric lanterns~ great for nursery or girl's bedroom decor, shower decorations, etc.

DIY vase filler! strips of fabric + dollar store wiffle balls + glue.

Fabric Decor Balls -

DIY Fabric Decor Balls made out of dollar store wiffle balls

Different Solutions via "Faten's Cakes" on FB  Cool idea for quick containers using paper plates!

DIY Paper Plate Container Tutorial : CUTE FOR Christmas Cookies .made with paper plates & washi tape. would be cute for neighbor Christmas gifts filled with homemade candy or fudge!

mirror spray paint on shells--for that shell collection I've been holding onto.

Spray all of those leftover shells with silver spray paint and you have an expensive looking decorative item! (In the process of completing craft project with spray-painted shells and looks fantastic so far!

Paint the inside of clear vases with glossy paints..

These vases are a dime a dozen at thrift stores! I would like them in slightly brighter colors, but, oh what a greattttt idea! Revamping clear vases with a little paint inside.These vases are always at the thrift store!

Creative use for leftover pieces of wood trim

DIY ANTIQUATED PHOTO GIFT Photo crafts make terrific gifts or wonderful personal accents for a home. Never use original photos in crafts projects. Instead, scan and print copies on your home equipment or take your photos to a copy shop for those services.


DIY decorative balls: tack ball, made with styrofoam ball and thumbtacks or twine

Use shoe box tops instead of canvas...mind. blown.  Cover in fabric w spray adhesive or wrapping paper...anything really

Shoe box tops wrapped in fabric-Cheap home decor idea. Never thought of shoe box tops. I guess I'll have to buy more shoes.

Homemade twist ties...easy to make and to coordinate with what ever you want!  Add a personal touch to a handmade gift or baked goods!

Homemade Twist Ties - a creative way to spruce up your gift wrapping. Using wire, double-sided tape, & your favourite paper scraps, you can make these homemade twisty ties. Great for the top of a cellophane treat bag – no ribbon required (",)

Bolas Ornamentales de Cuerda

Yarn Ball Mobile - Make a solution of glue and water. Wet the yarn with mixture and wrap around an inflated balloon, let dry overnight. pop balloon and you have this great hanging art for the kids room