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Transylvania Romania

Transylvania Romania

Palouse Falls Sunset  - Washington State

Palouse Falls Sunset - Washington State - a great place to visit, we had a great time seeing all the cliff critters.

PBJstories: How to Break Apart a Pallet

Great step by step on how to break apart a Pallet. Be sure you check out the great video too!

~~Dead Mans Cove, Cape Disappointment shelters a small island with two pine trees, Washington State by paulgillphoto~~

Dead Mans Cove on Cape Disappointment shelters a small island with two pines, Washington.

Hawaiian Colorful Sunset with Palm

Hawaii - palms framing a sunset on a tropical island beach paradise. I was lucky enough o have seen this many times in Hawaii.

Long and winding roads (or paths as may be)

I heard you like roads

I heard you like roads~~~~~do you really~~~~~by the time you get to the end~~~~~you may never like roads. So look at Amazing Paths!

Spider Web Trees in Sindh, Pakistan    floodwaters forced the spiders to make their webs in trees, which dramatically reduced the incidence of mosquito-born illness!

Millions of arachnids escape rising floodwaters. Trees cocooned in spiders webs after flooding in Pakistan, 'An unexpected side-effect of the flooding was that millions of spiders climbed up into the trees to escape the rising flood waters.

farklı yonlerden gelen dalgaların kesişmesiyle nadir olarak meydana gelen ızgara dalgalar.

Rare natural phenomena - Grid Waves Cross seas occur when two sets of waves traveling from different directions overlap and create short-crested waves.

Via fluviale interna, Venezia


Venice, Italy, early morning scene - on my bucket list of places to see